King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla have extended their sympathies to the people of Kenya following the destructive floods that have swept through the country.

The royal couple expressed their condolences to families who have lost loved ones and seen their lives upended by the natural disaster. They also reminisced about their visit to Kenya in 2023, highlighting the strong bond between the two nations.

The floods have caused significant damage in Kenya. The death toll has reached 238, with 75 people still missing and 174 injured. 

A recent update from the Interior Ministry, led by Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, stated that 174 individuals were wounded, 75 were missing, and 47,000 families, totaling 235,000 people, had been displaced. Kenya has suffered extensive damage due to the floods.

In response, 167 camps have been established across 22 counties, sheltering 70,451 people. The floods have also damaged the country’s infrastructure, affecting 1,967 schools and leading to the loss of over 4,003 livestock. Additionally, crops on 7,533 acres of land have been destroyed.

In their message, King Charles III and Queen Camilla acknowledged the devastating impact of the floods on various parts of Kenya. 

They expressed their condolences to those who have lost loved ones and witnessed their lives being turned upside down.The royal couple praised emergency workers and individuals who have supported the affected communities. 

They also emphasized the urgent need for global action to address climate change and biodiversity loss, highlighting the importance of collective efforts to tackle environmental challenges.

The message from King Charles III and Queen Camilla underscores the importance of the Kenyan government and the international community prioritizing disaster relief efforts and long-term strategies to combat climate change effects. With floods continuing to cause havoc, immediate aid and support are essential for the affected communities.

The shared history and close ties between the United Kingdom and Kenya, along with the royal couple’s personal connection to the country, add a heartfelt touch to their message of solidarity during this difficult period.