Bolt Powers Up Flood Relief Efforts in Kenya: Kenyans Can Now Ride to the Rescue with “Flood Assist” Category

The recent deluge of floods in Kenya has painted a heartbreaking picture across the nation. 

Communities are grappling with the aftermath, their homes and livelihoods ravaged by the rising waters.

In the face of the crisis, ride-hailing platform Bolt has stepped forward with a multi-pronged initiative to support flood relief efforts and empower Kenyans to lend a helping hand.

Recognizing the critical need for swift and effective action, Bolt has partnered with the Kenya Red Cross Society – a well-established organization with extensive experience in disaster response. 

This strategic collaboration will ensure that the collected funds reach those who need them most. 

To kickstart the initiative, Bolt has also made a generous initial donation of Sh5 million towards crucial relief efforts. 

The funds will be used to provide immediate support such as food packages, temporary shelters, and essential medical supplies to flood-affected communities.

Bolt isn’t stopping there. Aiming to maximize their impact, they’ve launched an innovative “Flood Assist” category on their app. 

This category transcends the traditional ride-hailing experience, transforming daily commutes into opportunities to contribute to the relief effort. 

When you book a ride through the “Flood Assist” category, 5% of your ride’s revenue is automatically channeled towards supporting flood victims. 

This transparent and impactful model empowers individuals to contribute seamlessly, turning their regular rides into vehicles for positive change.

“We understand the immense hardship these floods have inflicted on Kenyan communities,” said Linda Ndungu, Bolt’s country manager for Kenya. “Displaced families, damaged infrastructure and disrupted livelihoods paint a grim picture. 

Through our partnership with the Kenya Red Cross and the launch of the ‘Flood Assist’ category, we aim to provide critical aid such as food, shelter, and medical assistance to those in need. Every contribution, big or small, will make a significant difference in their lives.”

The devastating floods have displaced hundreds of thousands of Kenyans, with the true extent of the damage still unfolding. 

The urgency of the situation demands a strong and coordinated response. “We are grateful for Bolt’s commitment to supporting flood relief efforts,” stated Abbas Gullet, Secretary-General of the Kenya Red Cross Society. “This initiative demonstrates the power of corporate social responsibility, and the funds raised will be instrumental in helping us reach those in need. With the combined efforts of Bolt, the Kenya Red Cross, and the Kenyan people, we can provide essential support to the affected communities as they rebuild their lives.”

By choosing the “Flood Assist” category, you’re not just getting a convenient ride, you’re actively contributing to relief efforts across Kenya. 


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Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by this natural disaster. 

It’s time to act now. Download the Bolt app today and select the “Flood Assist” category for your next ride. Join hands and support our fellow Kenyans navigate this challenging time.

Bolt’s initiative serves as a powerful testament to the importance of corporate social responsibility in times of crisis. 

By harnessing their platform and resources, they’re not only providing much-needed aid but also empowering individuals to contribute to the cause.

This model fosters a sense of community and responsibility, highlighting that even small actions, when combined, can create significant impact. 

Beyond immediate relief efforts, fostering long-term resilience is key. Bolt’s commitment to Kenya extends beyond the current crisis. 

By supporting local communities and organizations like the Kenya Red Cross, they aim to contribute to building a more resilient future, one that can better withstand the challenges of natural disasters.

The recent floods in Kenya are a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities we face. However, they also highlight the strength and spirit of communities pulling together.

 Bolt‘s initiative represents a beacon of hope, demonstrating that through collective action and innovation, we can overcome challenges and build a stronger future for all.